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Do not use toilet paper as a baby wipe PP

Author:arjieer Date:2011-5-12 12:53:54

Subject to a variety of disposable products inspired by, more and more mothers to newborns with toilet paper instead of diaper pads Pi Pi. Think that this mother has repeatedly avoided the trouble of washing diapers, but will also prevent bacteria infections, Qi would do to a newborn great pain.
So far, it is used in a variety of health care, drug name, toilet paper, no matter how sophisticated production process, are not completely clear the paper remnants of caustic soda in substance, it can not completely remove the paper bleaching agent in the degree of oxidation of different chemical substances . Although the concentrations of these substances is not high on people in general will not produce significant side effects, but the thin meat tenderness of newborns, its stimulating effect on the corrosion, or can not be ignored. Hospital admissions, according to a survey, only one year, on the acceptance of tissue caused by the skin of the baby up to 26 cases. In patients with perianal and genital skin and bright red local, and even erosion, disturbed crying all day.
To some, reminding the young mothers who do not give your child to use toilet paper to pad Pi Pi, in order to avoid the baby's pain and anxiety.