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Household Paper Industry Development Seminar is sponsored plan

Author:arjieer Date:2011-5-12 12:52:24
The first Asian household paper and equipment, purchase of materials will cum Seminar" will serve as the 2009 Sixth China Guangzhou International Paper Show (July 23 -25 days) a major bright spot in Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Center was held over the same period.
In order to speed up the life of Guangdong Province, paper industry, raise living paper overall competitiveness of enterprises, strengthen exchanges and learning among enterprises, the seminar invited all over the country, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, a number of household paper enterprises CEOs and executives gathered in Guangzhou, the same boat, living under the paper on the financial crisis, the industry still maintained a good momentum of development, to improve China's consumption of household paper and the state of life related policy paper on hot topics discussed at length. Invited industry leaders, corporate CEOs, experts and professors to conduct lectures on the enterprise reform, innovation and development, common communication,
To promote the common development of enterprises provide their suggestions.
There will be Chinese sales company Stora Enso pulp and paper business unit director Mr. WONG Chi Kong, the new generation market testing agencies Mr. Song Songyun, Metso Corporation Mr. Zhu Xiangdong, etc. on the "international pulp and paper market analysis," "used in daily life Paper Market Analysis "," health paper the cost-effectiveness of quality control system "and other high-quality lectures to enhance the academic atmosphere of the exhibition and theoretical innovation in gold content.
Vietnam's Pulp and Paper Association, will be the afternoon of the 24th Session meeting of the Vietnamese to do "The Vietnamese toilet paper consumption, new projects under construction," the keynote address.
Grave concern for the seminar are encouraged to register businesses. In which the procurement will be a well-known exhibitors include Vinda Paper, Chung-shun, Paper, Guangzhou Yongtai, Zhongshan elegant Li Paper, Guangzhou Lotus Hill paper, wet wipes Factory in Lhasa Loving Four Seasons, Hebei's the US's, Jiangmen Bolivia made paper, Jinyuan Paper Jiangmen, Jiangmen PeopleSoft oasis, paper, paper, etc. Guangning Hung Cheng brand household paper enterprises, in order to add another highlight of this seminar.